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Mobility Services

The system provides real time location monitoring of personals & visitors with sub-meter accuracy indoors. The solution enhances workforce optimization by features such as keeping track of personals hours, workforce and region management, monitoring shift and leave plans and office hour violations which allows management to get information of personals performance and utilize these reports to increase efficiency.


The system allows users to create geo-fences or virtual zones in the map. A zone (such as production area, recycling area, restaurant etc.) is an area which is defined in the map of the building. Authorized users monitor the locations of personals on the basis of zones. Our system comes with a powerful and parametric business rule engine. This feature allows users to assign specific rules for each zone (i.e., there should be maximum five personals in the restaurant before 11 AM; if sixth personals enters the zone before 11 AM, trigger an alarm). Once business rules are defined in the system, alert management system takes over. This part of the system generates and manages numerous alerts in situations such as an unauthorized entry/exit to/from an area. Personals may trigger alerts by simply pressing emergency button on the tags. The system will automatically notify the right people and facilitate quick dispatch of appropriate assistance to that specific location. Due to alert escalation feature, any not responded alert can be escalated based on the scenarios that are parametrically defined in the system by the systems administrators.

Workforce Optimization:

The system allows users to record and track personals shifts, entry and exit times and leaves. At the end of the day/week/month management get reports of the total time spent per zone and per department in the facility for each personals. Total time spent in working zones and non-working zones is reported in detail. Each zone’s working/non-working status can be defined for each occupational group. Non-working zones may include restaurants, gardens or gyms for a worker however restaurant is a working area for a cook. The system reports the personals who comes to the office in spite of being on leave or who is absent without a leave, who is overtime, who is late to work and who departs early. The software displays who is in the office at any time. Temporary tag assignment function is available for interns, trainees, visitors and sub-contractors. One temporary tag can be used for more than one person in different times.

CCTV Integration:

Our personals tracking system is integrated with CCTV cameras. When a business rule is violated (i.e. entry to or exit from a prohibited zone), system triggers the cameras which are close to that zone to record videos or shoot still images. These videos and/or images are uploaded to a server and can be displayed from the software. Our system allows video quality and photograph frequency to be parametrically defined in order to offer maximum flexibility.

Benefits of our Solution:

Our solution has tangible and intangible benefits that can be grouped as improving workforce optimization, increasing workplace safety and increasing profitability by decreasing costs. Improvement of workforce optimization increases efficiency, which is the most important quantitative benefits for a company. A large number of research have been conducted to measure productivity and performance, and outputs of personals have been utilized in these measurements. Live monitoring and daily attendance reports of personals in Our solution serve this purpose. These features contribute to significant improvements on performance measurement and proof of work. It gets difficult to manually measure these metrics as the number of personals increases, but Contact us now: info@nizolink.com www.linkinsudan.com – www.nizolink.com a centrally managed attendance system as Our, robust reporting and managing thousands of personals in a single account eases managers’ operational tasks. Ability to integrate with existing ERP/HR systems allows an efficient usage experience as well as offering additional data to make the analysis more reliable. A well-managed real-time monitoring system can help personals feel safer on the job and allow them to do their work more effectively with less stress. This in turn leads to improvements in job satisfaction and personals health. Our personals monitoring system along with its safety modules, rules for geo-fences, panic buttons, sensors and alarms provide a safer environment by decreasing number of accidents and increasing work-place safety. With prompt response to emergency signals, managers can stop accidents in progress, and save themselves the extra cost of worker’s compensation, future settlements by preventing injury of personals and allow them to comply with strict government workplace safety regulations. The automatic warning system increases safety by avoiding unauthorized entries and preventing mishaps by generating real-time alerts.